Implement organizational network analysis with this easy-to-use platform to leverage your networks for performance, growth and innovation.

Visualize and understand different types of relations between employees directly affecting organizational effectiveness and agility.

Keynetiq is an innovative platform for Organizational Network Analysis. It’s designed to map, visualize and analyze networks of people and relations between them, revealing how organizations really operate in day-to-day business.

Complete ONA solution
Visualize informal structure
Understand relational dynamics

Keynetiq works like an x-ray of the organization, uncovering the real structure of interactions and patterns of behavior. It shows where certain relations exist and where they are missing, allowing for targeted interventions.

Organizational X-ray
Uncover real structure
Pinpoint intervention areas

By mapping and analyzing the patterns of information flow, knowledge exchange, collaboration, decision flow and other key interactions, Keynetiq gives customized, actionable insights essential for designing high-performing organizations.

Analyze interaction patterns
Get actionable insights
Improve performance

At an individual level, Keynetiq identifies employees with key network roles - informal opinion leaders, change agents, rising stars, natural mentors, connection brokers, top influencers and knowledge hubs. Understanding their strengths and network position allows optimal resource allocation and process improvement.

Identify key people
Improve resource allocation
Streamline processes

The Keynetiq Network Map, apart from providing strategic network intelligence to management and HR, is a system of engagement for employees. With a detailed personal network profile and access to the network map, employees learn about their unique position and social strengths and are empowered to strategically develop their professional networks and build their social reputation.

System of engagement
Employee profiles
Development of personal networks

Keynetiq can be used for a one-time Snapshot Analysis to address certain business issue and generate an actionable intervention plan, or as an internal Network Map that supports various organizational processes and monitors people dynamics over time, delivering strategic network intelligence.

Snapshot Analysis
Internal Network Map