Keynetiq Network Map

Interested in implementing Keynetiq Network Map in your organization and leveraging the power of your social capital to drive growth, performance and innovation?

This is a perfect solution for those who want to understand network dynamics, continually support their internal processes and measure changes over time.

We will teach you how to use Keynetiq and provide you with online support. We can also manage your Network Map for you if that’s what you prefer.

Medium Company

  • ✔ Max 200 people per network

Plan prepared for medium sized companies. Lets you invite up to 200 employees to your network. Application will guide you step by step through out the whole process, so you can easily create a new map. Our consultants will answer your questions via email should you have any.

299€ monthly per network

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  • ✔ Max 1000 people per network

Plan that lets you map up to thousand people in your organization. Our consultants will guide you step by step through out the whole process of creating new map and answer your questions via email and phone should you have any. If you need to map more people please contact us.

999€ monthly per network

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Custom pricing available for networks over 1000 people.

Additional services

  • Administration of the Keynetiq Network Map.
  • Identification of objectives based on client’s goal analysis.
  • Customization of the tool and preparation of communication materials.
  • Deployment of the Keynetiq Network Map and coordination of data gathering.
  • Organizational Network Analysis based on the project goals.
  • Presentation of the results, detailed report and follow-up action/intervention plan.
  • Periodic Network Analyses with network change monitoring.

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Each plan contains

A dozen of ready-to-use network templates designed to map common organizational processes.
Customizable user interface and possibility to edit profile and network surveys.
Emailing module with which you can easily invite employees to your network.
Network visualization module with the global and personal network view.
Network statistics module that will let you quickly find key people in your organization as well as prepare data analyses ready to use in your reports.
Data import/export option that will let you use KeyNetiQ data in external software or integrate external data into our system.
Administrator training
Online support