Change Management

'To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.' Winston Churchill

With Keynetiq you can:

  • Map your organization’s informal influence network
  • Find hidden influencers, role models and key opinion leaders
  • Identify top change agents to drive the change process
  • Find barriers and bottlenecks in information flow
  • Build and strengthen critical connections
  • Create and develop communities of change leaders

Overcome resistance

With as much as 75% of organizational change efforts either failing entirely or failing to meet the expectations of stakeholders, the most common reason cited by executives is employee resistance. Use Keynetiq to harness the power of an informal influence network and overcome the resistance to change.

Find your change agents

Rather than driving change from the top, most effective companies develop and engage strong change agents who can influence others to adopt new behaviors, tools and strategies. The challenge however is finding them, as these informal opinion leaders are rarely visible on the formal organizational chart. Keynetiq will identify your employees that others naturally turn to for advice, guidance and meaning, so you can engage them in the planning and execution of change processes.

Align connections

Keynetiq helps organizations map the informal networks of influence and information flow, allowing their redesign and realignment. Use our dynamic network map to find barriers and bottlenecks, bridge communication gaps and strengthen connections critical for the diffusion of new ideas and behaviors. Connect and cultivate a community of change leaders to drive all your change initiatives.

Whether you are an HR manager searching for a Network Analysis solution to support your internal processes, a Managing Director interested in conducting a Snapshot ONA study to understand how your company really works, or a management consultant looking for Network Analysis expertise to enhance one of your client’s projects, you’re in the right place.

We provide a complete range of services ranging from the analysis of your objectives and the design of an ONA study, implementation of the Keynetiq tool, coordination of data gathering and administration of the platform, right up to a full analysis of your organizational network and a detailed report complete with an action plan.

Let us know about your needs and we will gladly consult with you and advise the best solution.

Take a Keynetiq Snapshot of your organization for a quick network analysis and detailed report with intervention plan. Implement Keynetiq Network Map to support your internal processes, understand network dynamics and monitor changes over time.
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